Infrared imaging can see what your eyes can not and can give you valuable info on the status of your building project and many other applications.

Our high-resolution Infrared Imaging equipment provides early diagnostics on your facility and its equipment that might not be detected until you reach the point of failure. Certified Thermographers have the ability to provide early documentation of the thermal anomalies that indicate the need for further investigation by your own professional staff.

Preventative and Predictive Maintenance is now the leading effort in reducing both facility and equipment downtime. Infrared allows you to stay ahead of potentially damaging issues before they become major events. Virtually any type of facility can receive major benefits from an Infrared Inspection: Commercial Buildings, Governmental, Manufacturing, Warehousing, all types of Hospitality, Hospitals, Schools and Universities are just a partial list. Save time, minimize trouble and reduce operating costs by contacting AEI today.

Infrared Imaging Applications:

Building Energy Audits

  • Identify Problem Area
  • Heat or AC Loss
  • Construction Verification
Industrial / Mechanical

  • Rotating Equipment
  • Steam, Fluid, Heat Transfer
  • Cold Storage Facilities
Building Enclosures

  • EIFS & Stucco
  • Water/Moisture Damage
  • Envelope Air Leaks

Flat Roof Surveys

  • Identify Failed, Wet Areas
  • Quality Checks & Warranty
  • Maintain Structural Integrity
Electrical Systems

  • Switchgear & Distribution
  • Control Panels & Breakers
  • Backup Power Generation
Specialty Areas

  • Marina & Hull Surveys
  • Veterinary Applications
  • Underground Leaks